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The benefits of tea leaves we need to know for health

Tea is a drink that contained caffeine, an infusion that is produced by way of brewing leaves, shoots, leaves or sprigs of dried leaves of camellia sinensis with hot water. The tea is derived from the tea plant divided 4 groups: black tea, oolong tea, green tea, and white tea.

The words “tea” is also used for other beverages made from fruit could, spices or other medicinal plants brewed tea, for instance, camomile, rosehip, chrysanthemum and jiaogulan.
The benefits of tea leaves we need to know for health

The content of the substance in the tea leaves:

Tea in it there is an awful lot of nutritious substances for people who consume it. The following substances are contained in the tea.

  • Vitamin k
    In the process of making tea, vitamin c and e a lot missing. However, the tea turned out to have a high vitamin k.
  • Minerals
    There are much tea in minerals that nourish the body human.
  • Polyphenols
    It is one of the types of antioxidants are more effective than 100 times that of vitamin c.
  • Essential oil
    The tea inside are proteins that play a role in shaping the scent as well as nutritious to dissolve fat.
  • Caffeine
    The amount of caffeine in tea is not as much as coffee and helps facilitate blood flow to the brain.
  • Fluorinspirasi
    Fluorinspirasi is a substance that acts to strengthen bones and teeth.
  • Glutamic acid
    Substances contained in tea and can give a soothing effect after drinking.

The benefits of tea leaf for health:

  1. The benefits of tea leaf avoid the risk of baldness
    baldness in General in the reason is by continuous hair loss due to the roots or stems of less healthy hair. Here the role of green tea in avoiding the risk of baldness is due to substances found in green tea can make our hair continues to grow, and regenerate.
  2. Benefits of tea leaves maintain skin health
    Green tea can serve keep healthy skin naturally. It is due to green tea can later defended our skin from ultraviolet rays arriving are not exclusive with often consuming green tea can make us sick to avoid skin cancer. In addition to preventing skin cancer pain, green tea also proved to be able to make our skin wrinkles is not fast
  3. The benefits of tea leaf to get rid of acne on the face
    Acne in General in the reason is by dirt or oil that sticks to the skin will make the skin pores are closed. Dirt, and oils that are attached to these pores can be clean by consuming green tea regularly, because there is a substance in green tea antioxidants.

  4. The benefits of tea leaf to prevent sick diabetes
    Green tea has with the ability to adjust the composition of the levels of sugar in the blood. For the diabetics very often recommend in-often consuming green tea.
  5. The benefits of tea leaf as weight loss drinks (diet)
    Green tea has already proven to be able to reduce the absorption of fat in the body automatically once the number of references in the body will be reduced. Additionally, on green tea also contains polyphenols that causes ketekin fat burning intensity.

Maybe that's a little tip about The benefits of tea leaves we need to know for health digestion may be beneficial and useful for your health problems.